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When I retired after 40 years of writing columns for the San Jose Mercury News, I figured I'd said about all I could say. Wrong. I've realized that at age 76, I'm about 10 years older than the oldest baby boomers, who are now turning 66. My very average body has had a lot of experiences in those 10 years. I've learned a lot that could be helpful to people just starting on that same path -- what to do, what to avoid, what to keep an eye on.. Consider me your canary-in-the-coalmine for the boomer generation. Tune in regularly for the heads-up advice.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pop Quiz

     The news has been all over the media recently, Baby Boomers, but in case you missed it I’m repeating:
     Get yourself tested for Hepatitis C.
     I know. Most of you are saying, “Huh?” But it’s true. The Centers for Disease Control are saying that Boomers – anyone born between 1945 and 1965 – should get a one-time blood test to make sure Hepatitis C isn’t lurking somewhere in your body. If it is, your liver could be in danger, and stats indicate that Boomers are most susceptible.
     Makes no difference if you think you may have had a Hep-C test before but just can’t remember when. Makes no difference if you’ve done drugs or not. Makes no difference if you had a blood transfusion before blood was screened for Hepatitis C. Makes no difference if you’ve had sex or not.  Or got a tattoo, a mani-pedi or shared a toothbrush. Any of those things could have introduced the blood-borne virus. And you don’t want it.
     Odds are you don’t have it. But why gamble? Get the test.
     Your mind – and your liver – will rest easier for it.

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