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When I retired after 40 years of writing columns for the San Jose Mercury News, I figured I'd said about all I could say. Wrong. I've realized that at age 76, I'm about 10 years older than the oldest baby boomers, who are now turning 66. My very average body has had a lot of experiences in those 10 years. I've learned a lot that could be helpful to people just starting on that same path -- what to do, what to avoid, what to keep an eye on.. Consider me your canary-in-the-coalmine for the boomer generation. Tune in regularly for the heads-up advice.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Say What?

     I was going to write today about a couple of aspects of aging that few people talk about: breasts on men and whiskers on women. And then I started thinking. There are things that also aren’t being written, most specifically comments from you about this blog.
     Now a lot of you have said you enjoy what you’re been reading here. But you say it in emails to me or messages on Facebook or in our occasional face-to-face encounters. But actual comments from you on this Boomerometer blog? Not so much.
     Why is that? Under each posting there’s space for your comments. All it requires are a few keystrokes on your keyboard (or thumbstrokes if you’re using a smartphone). Couldn’t get much easier to express yourself. I wish you would.
     It’s not that I’m looking for praise, although I never turn that down. I actually can take criticism, too. That’s the nice thing about electronic communication. Nobody can see you sob until you pull yourself together.
     But what I’d really like to hear are your opinions on what I’ve written. What you’re thinking about on this journey through life together. What subjects you’d like to have me explore. What subjects you’d prefer that I keep my big nose out of. What’s up in general – have an actual online back-and-forth about your concerns. That would mean a lot to me. It might even be meaningful for you.
     And next week, I’ll get back to man-boobs and bearded ladies.


  1. Ah! I just found out that the comment button is separate from the envelope button.

    One of my concerns is that people our age (well, you're a bit older but not much) don't advocate for themselves. They let doctors, nurses, PA's, pharmacists, and even their children run them over. You have to stand up and shout, if necessary, to get what you need not what some one "thinks" you need.

    Comment on moisturizers - it's never too late to start using them daily. If Cetaphil doesn't agree with your skin, try something else - there are lots of "hypoallergenic" moisturizers out there - it's just a matter of whose definition of hypoallergenic is being used.

    Sunscreens need to be used daily, too! It's grey & foggy out? So what! Sun rays still get through.

    Keep writing Leigh - I love reading you.

    Kathy Harradine

  2. Thanks, Kathy. There's nothing more important than an effective advocate -- either on your own behalf or for another who may need support.

  3. Leigh, people read but rarely comment on my blog either. I wonder if it has to do with the more public nature of the postings? Facebook, with the proper privacy settings, feels more intimate.

    I was surprised to see a comment I posted to a blog when I did a Google search for my own name. I hope others comment here. I'm interested to hear.

  4. Thanks, Alys. I'll be interested, too, in feedback from others.